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What is Attachment Disorder?

Attachment Disorder is a condition whereby individuals have great difficulty forming intimate, trusting and enduring relationships. Individuals may form insecure attachments to others but still may be capable of some form of closeness. Individuals with Attachment Disorders usually have more extreme degrees of mistrust in relationships, more extreme behaviour patterns to undermine intimacy and lack the ability to demonstrate pleasure and mutual caring in relationships.

Attachment is a deep and enduring connection that occurs between an infant and caregiver. Infants that are raised by caregivers who are consistently available, nurturing, affectionate and attuned to the needs of their infants will develop secure attachments resulting in a positive view of themselves as they mature and a positive perception of relationships. Such children are typically successful in their capacity to manage emotions, and in their social relationships, academic performance, familial relationships and psychological well-being.

Infants and young children raised by caregivers who are neglectful, rejecting or abusive, either emotionally or physically will develop into children who have a negative self-perception, are mistrustful of familial and social relationships, have difficulty controlling their emotions and behaviour and difficulty in academic achievement. Such children are often raised in orphanages during their infant years or in birth families where they experienced neglect and/or abusive. The longer an infant remains in such a depriving environment the more compromised they will be in their capacity to form healthy attachments, to have optimal brain development and to lead satisfying lives.

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